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    PISteamTable x64


      Could OSIsoft please release a x64 build of the PISteamTable.dll library? I am not sure how things are "packaged", but if I am barking up the wrong tree by assuming this library is a part of ACE, please redirect this posting to whichever program group this discussion belongs.


      It's very nice that you have upgraded the PI ACE to the x64 architecture, regrettably I am not able to take advantage of your efforts by having to do things the x86 way simply because of one library.



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          Ahmad Fattahi

          The steam table functions are supplied as a 32-bit COM DLL. The default target for PI ACE calculations is "AnyCPU", which means that the calculation will run as 64-bit on an x64 machine. This will prevent PISteamTableFunctions.dll from being loaded.


          Can you please check the Target CPU in the Advanced Compiler Settings under Project/ Properties/Compile. It is probably set to AnyCPU. Try changing it to x86 and see if it helps the situation.