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Exercise 1

Question asked by Dario_S on Jul 4, 2018

Hello group!

I wanted to share my approach to Exercise 1 of this course so that we can discuss our different solutions.


Point 1: Configure a new analysis template to determine the total uptime for a particular asset type over a 24-hour period

This is the analysis template that I used to calculate the uptime in last 24 hs:

For this I have set up a "Status" attribute which basically has 2 options: "Running" and "Out of Service", and search for the Running status in the last day (*-1d) and then convert to hours


Point 2: Set up a new analysis template of type expression to calculate the daily average for a particular process at your facility

Since I could not come up with a better idea for this one what I did is basically the opposite to point 1 and get the average of the equipment downtime in the last 24 hs. This is the expression used:

Notice that this time I first get the total downtime searching for a status not equal to "Running" (which will be Out of Service) and then on a second expression I convert the total downtime to hours and then multiply by 24 to get the average for the day



Feel free to reply with your approach so that we can all learn from each other