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    Help us create a PI Podcast


      We’re piloting a PI Podcast – a show providing a quick, easy way to ask whatever question you’ve been interested in directly to the people who know how to answer it best.  It’s a podcast – meaning audio-only – quick for us to produce and perfect for listening to anywhere, even in your car or on a plane.  Each show will present theme-based questions to an otherwise hard-to-pin-down OSIsoft interview subject: OSIsoft developers, support engineers, executives – anyone. 


      We invite you to take part in the pilot PI Podcast episodes by submitting questions based on our two initial PI Podcast topics: ‘What’s coming in PI 2012?’ and ‘PI on-the-go: PI on mobile devices’.  As members of the vCampus community we know you probably have a question or two on your mind that you’d like to ask someone at OSIsoft.  Once we have a good list of questions, we’ll take them to our subject expert with a microphone in hand.


      Also - the creation process of this podcast show is happening right now – so there’s a big opportunity for you to influence where this project goes.  We welcome any recommendations you have for topics or aspects of the show you want.  We intend for this to be something you’re interested in listening to and learning from – so please let us know what that is!


      Listen to this 3min recording of Glenn and I introducing and framing the show.  Give it a listen for a feel for how the show will go!


      Stuart Collins and Glenn Sharp (your hosts)

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          Thanks for the introduction Stuart!


          PI Community: We are very excited about this podcast and looking forward to grilling... I mean interviewing... the good people here at OSIsoft on your behalf. And remember, no one is safe... I mean, we have access to all OSIsoft employees... so expect guests ranging from Tech Support Frontline to Pat Kennedy himself (shameless name drop :)

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              Lonnie Bowling

              Hi Stuart and Glenn,


              I think this is great!  I'm a podcast junkie so I will be listening forsure. So how often are you going to do a podcast? Is this going to be available to the public?  I suggest doing a quick section on user feedback and tips at the beginning of the show.  The best technical podcast I listen too do this.  I also suggest giving out a prize to a listener each show for something (like a great feedback post).  We love prizes!


              My questions on mobile are:


              What tools are in development and what platform will be first supported?


              What role is the cloud going to be a part of a mobile solution?


              What are the current ideas getting knocked around for security.  Mainly, how is data access going to be controlled down to the tag level?


              Is HTML5 or native the focus or both, what is OSI's feeling on this?


              How will the products be extensible so devs can customize and create innovative apps?  We love extensibility here at vCampus!


              Thanks and I'm really looking forward to listening to you guys!



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                  @ Lonnie


                  Thanks for the questions!


                  We plan to do at least 1-2 podcasts each month assuming the show is popular and useful.  


                  And I'd like bring it to as wide and public an audience as possible, but the exact details aren't solidified yet.  


                  What technical podcasts have caught your ear?  I'd love to survey the formats you find engaging.

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                      Lonnie Bowling



                      Thanks for the response. I hope that it will be open to everyone.


                      Here are my regular listens:


                      .NET Rocks


                      Deep Fried Bytes




                      The Tablet Show


                      Windows Phone Dev


                      ?More PI For Me?

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                          Ahmad Fattahi

                          This is a really interesting idea and vCampus is a perfect channel to get tips! I'm sure there are tons of questions hanging around in the beautiful minds of the vCampus community

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                              Okay, so this is what makes vCampus great.  A podcast would be a great next step for the community.  I would probably add that maybe the podcast shouldn't be vCampus exclusively, but a chat about OSIsoft in general with a technical element to it.  Until there is an online TechSupport community there will obviously be more questions generated from vCampus than other channels.


                              I would like to listen to more about the research & development type projects at OSIsoft from Richard Beeson and company...even if it is not going to make it as an OSIsoft released product I still want to hear about it.  


                              Do you have an email address to submit questions to, or do we just list them on this thread?

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                                  This podcast is not limited to vCampus. I've also posted this announcment on LinkedIn and there will be some talk about it at the UC. The content is intended to be diverse. In fact, Stuart and I thought we'd be a great pair because he can handle the more technical questions, while I can handle more business/marketing type questions.


                                  Initially, however, we are relying on vCampus users for questions/feedback. We hope that from the UC and beyond, vCampus will be just a portion of the huge fan base for the podcast :)


                                  An email account is live for your questions! Send them to us!



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                                      And please feel free to post questions too (at least for the near term) - I think seeing ideas and questions here will inspire others to respond with their curiosities.  

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                                          One tongue in cheek question for Pat Kennedy would be: When are you going to sell to Microsoft?


                                          I'll send a few others via the e-mail address.

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                                              The idea of having a PI Podcast is pretty awesome!


                                              My topics of interest would be:


                                              Cloud Computing


                                              How does OSIsoft see the future, and the acceptance of cloud computing. Will there be something like a on-premise to cloud broker service? Maybe even something like PI Coresight hosted in the cloud? Would it be technically feasible to run some elastic PI cloud service in the cloud?


                                              Future of Data Access


                                              What will the future of PI Data Access look like? It seems we are moving towards having a unified managed SDK for both AF and PI. How is that going to work, and what will the timeline be? Will new interfaces make use of the new AF SDK?


                                              Client applications


                                              Will we move towards HTML5? What about Metro? 

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                                                  I have also have a topic for pat:

                                                  • will it in 5 years be enough to be a data archiving infrastructure ... or will the world will change and the market moves to front end applications (which really creates the value) ... and the data infrastructure will be just a "add on".
                                                  • I heared ... that SAP tried to buy osisoft , pat didn't sell ... now SAP ist starting to create their own realtime infrastructure...
                                                    (but just the street gossip...)
                                                  • how is Osisoft Vision for  "PI 2020" or "PI 2030"  (like Microsofts:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMdXj9qFr4M)
                                                  • how Osisoft is increasing the speed (2007 - 2014 => 7 years for some maybe usefull eventframes ... ?)
                                                  • competition is moving far more ahead  in bringing meaning in the data ... not just with the " so called analytics " but more tools that are more usable from the enduser.... away from PE, Batch,.. configured by admins more into  realtime transformation of data...  moredimensional (view's) on data ... with adhoc events, calculations...)




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                                                      Topic I would like to add:

                                                      • Security. when we starting talking about data on mobile devices security must be addressed. How does OSIsoft envisage getting the data out of the company networks to the users in a secure manner.
                                                      • I agree with Wolgang's suggestion on the vision of PI in 2020 and beyond.
                                                      • Data infrastructure is only one aspect of the solution. Visualisation of the data is a key component. What is OSI vision/plans in this respect (again credit to Wolfgang)

                                                      I'm sure that I will think of more topics as time goes on.

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                                                        @ Wolfgang In reference to your last bullet, do you have specific product capabilities or a particular competing product in mind?  


                                                        I hadn't seen the manufacturing future vision video from Microsoft.  Neat!  We'll be sure to include a 'Where do you see PI in 10, 20 years?' questions for the visonaries we interview

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                                                            Asle Frantzen

                                                            Two quick topic suggestions:


                                                            - Data visualization (as already mentioned above). What, when and where?


                                                            - VBA coding in ProcessBook. Status quo or something going on here soon? The newer PI SQL Commander is "Powered by Visual Studio" - when will we see a better development environment for VBA?

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                                                                @ Stuart GE Fanuc Troubleshooter,..

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                                                                    The first and second episodes of the OSIsoft Podcast are now available on iTunes or by RSS feed (instructions on how-to-listen below)!  


                                                                    'PI Server 2012' with Jay Lakumb, product manager of the PI Server, about where the PI Server has been and where it is now with the 2012 release.


                                                                    'The Cloud and the PI System' with Richard Beeson, prime architect of the PI System, about the PI System's future in cloud computing.


                                                                    To listen to the podcast, search for 'OSIsoft' in iTunes Podcasts OR load the RSS feed.  Instructions for how to access the podcast from Outlook are below:


                                                                    RSS feed location:




                                                                    Instructions to add an RSS feed into Outlook 2010:




                                                                    We're close to declaring the name of the OSIsoft ______ Podcast.  Stay tuned.

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                                                                          I've just finished listening to the Podcasts and quite enjoyed them. Good to get some insight from the people working to develop PI and hear about where it is going in the future.


                                                                          Listening to the product manager for PI 2012 it was interesting to hear him talk about his role and how he is both looking at it from a development perspective and then translating that into describable benefits for the end client. I've worked with developers in the past who can create some brilliant code but don't really see the value that it brings which is the most important thing.


                                                                          Elevator pitch was good and good to see he got the deal! Didn't answer if PI could do my laundry though


                                                                          As for PI in the sky - firstly great name and some good insights again as to how it came about (2002!) and when we could be seeing the first hints of it's arrival. As a developer I'm very excited about seeing how this will work and what capabilities it can bring. My one concern though and I know it's not a new one is just how the clients will feel about it. Although I've never talked to clients about this I have spoken to them before about making changes ( some very small ) and I find it to be a difficult process. There is always a risk analysis and probably a feeling of if it isn't broken then don't fix it. Having the data in the cloud I think will be the hardest thing to sell to end clients. Just my thoughts though and be interesting to see what other people think of this and the podcasts in general.


                                                                          Looking forward to the next installment

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                                                                              Finished listening to them today. I really enjoyed both podcasts.


                                                                              For a next podcast: I've always wanted to hear some 'warstories' from the begin time of OSIsoft. What were the difficulties? What were the greatest achievements. It would be great to have Pat Kennedy, or one of the first employees (Don Smith), or some other veterans talk about the 'early days'. I always love stories about starting companies, and the challenges that people faced.

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                                                                                Ahmad Fattahi



                                                                                Thanks for the feedback. As for the cloud I have two points: first, there are always new customers and new markets. So, it is not only about existing customers and active markets we are targeting. Second, and more importantly, granted the existing PI Systems are working just fine. However, there is a recurring cost to on-premise PI Systems to maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot. So when comparing the two options, I would not consider "keep the status quo" the cheaper one necessarily.

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                                                                                    Absolutely right that there are always new customers and I could see how the cloud could be sold to them. In terms of new markets again could be a good opportunity. They did mention new markets in the podcast - out of curiosity what are the new markets of interest?


                                                                                    Your comment on things working just fine but you could save by changing is, now that I think about it, something that could work given the savings are significant. My basis on saying this is that I've seen a few large companies out sourcing their I.T support ( slightly different to this but same basic idea ). Granted it hasn't always been a smooth transition but the savings must have been such that it made sense to them. If a similar argument and saving can be demonstrated with moving to the cloud while still maintaining security then it could work although it would be a challenging move I think.


                                                                                    I'll still say that I'm on the fence with this one but will certainly make the most of it and I'm sure that in time I'll be won over.

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                                                                                    Listened to PI Server podcasts.  Not sure if details were released at the UC, but putting PI Server 2012 in to the NOC...did OSIsoft reduce their PI Server footprint in the NOC by using PI Server 2012?  I mean, PI Server 2010 has a 100,000 event/sec MMQ limit, PI Server 2012 a 500,000 event/sec limit...so OSIsoft could have reduced number of PI Servers required, right?  I am just being nosey.

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                                                                                        By the way, name suggestions for the show


                                                                                        "Easy As PI"


                                                                                        "PI can't believe its not butter"


                                                                                        "Weapons of math (PI) discussion"


                                                                                        "Magnum PI"


                                                                                        "More than meets the PI" (Pun on Transformers, the original cartoon not the new film crap.)


                                                                                        "PI r square, cake r round"

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                                                                                          Hi Rhys,


                                                                                          the OSIsoft NOC by upgrading to PI Server 2012 reduced the number of PI Servers they would need in the future, right now, they are OK with the PI Collective they have. they manage close to 1.5 million tags, but 350K of them were added last year. They also have some calculations every 5 seconds to check the health of the systems they monitor. Overall the OSIosft NOC is better prepared for their expected growth, as you mentioned they get the most of their current hardware (reducing their footprint), added relieability, improved manageability and incorporated some pretty cool features availble only with PI Server 2012.