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Getting elements when using AFSearchOperator.In does not work after software update

Question asked by cymerman on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by David Hearn

Hi I have problem after software upgrade, now we are using newest one and I have problems with searching elements:


var searchTokens = new List<AFSearchToken>
   new AFSearchToken(AFSearchFilter.TemplateName, AFSearchOperator.In, MY_TEMPLATE_NAMES.Split(','), db.Elements[BUILDING].GetPath()),
   new AFSearchToken(AFSearchFilter.Name, AFSearchOperator.Equal, "*Sensor")
var search = new AFElementSearch(db, "name", searchTokens);


i worked correctly, now I have following error message:


Unexpected SQL Exception number 20111 with message: 'Invalid comparison operator 'In' for search criteria 'TemplateName'.'.\r\nUse Event Viewer to see the PI AF Server log file for more information.


Could you tell me why now i cannot to use AFSearchOperator.In in my queries?