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Duplicate Data record in Archive

Question asked by KirthiKrishnaReddy on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by gregor

Hi there,


I have a PE Tag clock scheduled (1 min 5 sec). Am using two Tags(A & B) in the Equation where the Time Stamp should be captured on any of the Tags have a value change.

My PE Tag is working as expected but the issue is the Trigger Tag (A) writes in a Duplicate value of the Existing value just 2 sec or some times 1 sec before the new value is updated.


Time stamps and value marked in bold letters in the below example:


0 - 06-07-2018 00:01:00

0 - 06-07-2018 00:02:00

1 - 06-07-2018 00:02:02

1 - 06-07-2018 00:02:03

2 - 06-07-2018 00:02:04


The trigger Tag is configured float and the Instrument tag is of type VT_UI2.


The key settings of the trigger Tag is

Excdev - 0.005

Excmax - 10 minutes

compdev - 0.01

compmax - 8 hours


Appreciate if some one can provide a reason for this extra data record in the archive, while am also trying to figure out  the logic that is configured on the Source system?