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Scan Off value for all system tag after restarting the PI Interface for OPC DA.

Question asked by Saifuddin on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by cramsey

Dear all,


There were some problem in our site last 3 days and we decide to restart the interface. After the interface restart, all the pi tags that use that associated with the interface is running in good condition and the data updated every second.


But I notice that the value for certain system tag for that interface were showing "Scan Off" value. The effected system tag (**)were:-

  •      Scan Class IO rate(sc0 & sc2)
  •      Scan Class Point Count (sc0 & sc2)
  •      Scan Class Scan Count (sc0 & sc2)
  •      Scan Class Scan Time.sc2
  •      Scan Class Scan Skipped (sc0 & sc2)
  •      Scan Class Bad Value Rate (sc0 & sc2)
  •      Scan Class Device Scan Time.sc0

System tag for Heartbeat, IO rate,Message Count are normal and updated. Because of we still can get the pi tags reading updated on every minute,we just leave it as it is. But I'm afraid that system tag will affected the performance and i will make the interface having an error.


What should I do for the problem like this? Is the 'Scan Off' value system tag will produce an error on the future later?