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    PI Vision - Element Parent Changed


      In managing multiple sites, there is at times a desire to establish a consistent 'look and feel' to the element hierarchy.

      If an element is moved within the hierarchy to have a new parent, what happens to the PI Vision displays that referenced attributes in the element?

      Is the relationship maintained or does it break?

      If it is NOT maintained, as I suspect, how can the displays to updated to reflect the revised path to the attributes?

      Are there tools available to update the displays or is it is a 'hunt and peck' approach?

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          Hi Tim,


          You are correct.  If you move an element to a new parent, the displays will show "Attribute Not Found" errors.  This is because technically, the element is no longer the same and is considered a brand new element. 


          If this element occurs on 1 display, you will need to recreate the objects with the data item path pointed to the new element path.


          If this element is found in a lot of displays, I'd recommend that you contact OSIsoft Tech Support.  We have internal scripts that will assist you on correcting your displays.



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            Welcome to the world of using strings to define paths...


            I do most of my work on a development system and frequently have to rearrange things to try out new ideas or because I an analysis only works with a different style hierarchy... I use the asset context fields to let PI Vision find information for me whenever possible so I can restructure the AF hierarchy without breaking everything...


            I recently changed the name of a template with the expectation I would have to modify the template name in my asset selection fields in PI Vision... Imagine my surprise when I checked the PI Vision display and the template names were already changed