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    What would I use PI Web API for?


      Trying to understand the what the overall use of this product is for to better understand if it would be a good fit for our architecture.

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          Hi Richard, let me shed some light about what the PI Web API is and why customers might use it.


          What is PI Web API?

          The PI Web API is a RESTful web service that provides read/write access to the PI Data Archive and AF Server using HTTP requests.


          What is REST?

          REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a simple, resource-oriented way to transfer information over the web (HTTP).  Every piece of information is self-contained and is called a resource.

          A resource can be many things in terms of the PI System.  Some examples can include:

          • A PI Tag
          • An AF Attribute
          • A PI Data Archive
          • An AF enumeration set
          • An AF Unit of Measure

          Finally, to uniquely identify each resource, the PI Web API uses a "WebId," which is an encoded string containing information about that particular resource.


          Why Do Customers Use PI Web API?

          Since PI Web API is a data access layer for getting data using HTTP, web developers use it to show data within their custom web applications. HTTP is also platform agnostic, so developers can write programs in any language (such as Java or .NET) and to run on any platform (such as Windows, Linux, or OSX). Most of the targeted web applications that we have seen our customers develop are for cloud, web, mobile, and systems integration.



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            Hi Richard


            PI Web API is a REST interface to access PI and AF data over HTTPS. You can use PI WEB API to read and write data to PI. e.g. You can use PI web api to call with in a website to fetch data from PI system like energy utilisation based on ID available in AF or PI.


            External applications which supports REST api can request/write data using PI WEB API e.g SAP and GIS system.


            You can also use R and Python for PI WEB API statistical modelling etc. Please note to use developer technologies you should be covered under PSA license.



            Lal Babu Shaik