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Interface node disconnection almost everyday

Question asked by rahulbhavsar on Jul 12, 2018
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We are facing an issue recently, We have a PI OPC interface node which is getting the data from OPC server (at platform, exploration site) through Matrikon tunneller. Almost every other day we are facing disconnection of PI system with the platform data at around same time in the morning. The disconnection is for couple of minutes but when the link is back some of the tag shows jumped value say earlier it was 1.5 but now it is showing 13.1 or so. At the interface node we have matrikon explorer where we can see the opc source value which shows correct value even after the link is back i.e. say 1.5 and not 13.1. Please guide, let me know what details are required.

Also for the same interface instance first scan class assigned is as per below picture: 99:59:59, 00:00:00. why so high ?