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Display a table with a certain attribute (e.g. Limit) of all instances of a certain template (e.g. pump)

Question asked by PA_Christoph on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by PA_Christoph

Hello experts,

is it possible to display a table in PI Vision which lists all the values of a certain attribute (e.g. Lower limit) of a certain template (e.g. pump)?


Ok let's presume we have the setup from one of the sample kits (see below). All these wind turbines (RB006,RB007,...) are based on the same template (Turbine) which has the attribute "Lost Power".



Now I would like to habe a Table in PI Vision which lists all the instances of Turbine template and the current value of "Lost Power". E.g.

Wind turbineLost Power
RB0061541,001 kW
RB0072000,0 kW


I want the actual values and not a roll-up aggregate function, which could be implemented in the parent objects.


Our solution so far is to form a table outsite of PI Vision with an sql statement and print a report, but our customer would like to have the live values on a dasboard in PI Vision.


Many thanks in advance!