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Point ID not found in archive Error

Question asked by Noga on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2020 by AleixMila_1702

After connecting to a PI Archive Data server, I deleted a point (named: CDT158) using the PSM tool by choosing the point in the Point Builder and choosing the "Delete PI Point" option. The "Session Record" in the PSM informed me that the point was deleted successfully.

After that I recreated the point using the PIServer.CreatPIPoint(String Name, IDictionary Attributes) method, and sent new values to update the point using PIServer.UpdateValuesAsync(List<AFValue> , AFUpdateOption) method.

But the point's values are not updated, and the PSM "Session Record" writes the error:

"PI-CV> Error displaying value for tag CDT158: [-11147] Point ID not found in archive"


I insured that the PIServer.UpdateValuesAsync method receives a list of AFValues with the point-ID that matches the CDT158 tag that I am trying to update, and therefor the error saying "Point ID not found in archive" is not clear to me, since the ID is found in the archive.


Can someone help me understand what may cause this error?

Maybe my deleting operation or the creation of the new point were not done correctly?