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Backfilling Historian to PI - Wrong Timestamp OPC HDA with Matrikon OPC Server for iHistorian

Question asked by Dubus on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by vkaufmann

Hi the community,


I would like to retreive data from Historian to PI.

The data are stored in a Historian DB in GMT+1. Proficy Historian application can read without problem the timestamp of the data and convert them in UTC Time correctly.

I use Matrikon OPC Server to get data in iHistorian DB.

I use OPC HDA connected to Matrikon.


My problem : when I use PI_HDA Tool, I noted that the timestamps are not good in winter time range : the same rule is applicated to the winter timestamp and summer time (DST) : -2 hours (server is in Time Zone GMT+1 DST)

I did several tests with 'Local Time' set or not, changing as well the server Time Zone to GMT/UTC : the UTC Winter timestamps are not good.


It seems that OPC HDA cannot translate correctly. Only using one rule for all data timestamps : minus 2 hours (UTC+1 DST --> UTC)


Does someone have already this issue ?


Example : Proficy Historian in UTC Time Zone : continuous data

     PI_Hda Tool without 'Local Time' option (=UTC) : an 1 hour offset