New PI-SDK 2010 R2 (1.4.0) - How to chek if given PI Point exist on server?

Discussion created by MNiedba on Mar 30, 2012
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After switching to new PI-SDK (1.4) I have got a problem with checking if given PI Points exist on the PI Server.
I keep the name of the PI Point that I want to check as string variable.
Prior to 1.4 I have was just trying to get a PISDK.PIPoint object from the PISDK.PIPoints server collection by the string indexer.
When my result was null, then I was assuming that such PI Point does not exist on server.

Now after switching to 1.4 I have realized that this approach does not work.
Now calling the string indexer on PISDK.PIPoints collection returns a regular object, even for PI Points that do not exists.
Only when I will try to get any attribute from such PI Point I will get the COMException with psePIPOINTDELETED code.

I think that such approach, when I need to check an attribute to be sure that point does not exists is not very nice.
Is there any other solution which I can use to be sure that given PI Point does not exists? Or maybe I am doing something wrong?

Thank you for help.