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    Configuring a Simple PI System - Introduce Yourself!


      Hi everyone!


      My name is Jason Johl and I'm one of the facilitators for the Configuring a Simple PI System online course. I am a Product Support Engineer here at OSIsoft where I handle a number of different responsibilities including Tech Support, Field Service, and (my personal favorite) In-person and Online Trainings like this one.  I've been working at OSIsoft for over three years now and work out of the San Leandro, CA office.  Some of my hobbies outside of work include hiking, cooking, and video games.  I just got back two days ago from vacation in Italy where I did some hiking in the Dolomites!


      This discussion thread is for the July 16th, 2018 class.


      Now, please take a moment to introduce yourself and say hi to your classmates. We would like to know who you are, what you do, your goals for this course and anything else you'd like to share!


      A few reminders:

      • This is a self-paced course. The course material is available 24/7 here: Configuring a Simple PI System  You can review the content, try the exercises at your schedule for the next 3 weeks.
      • The only requirement for obtaining the certificate of completion for this course is to submit a successful final project to me before the end of the 3-week session.
      • If you have any questions, please post them on the discussion forms here that are actively monitored by me and our other course facilitators, students and community members.
      • We typically encourage you to work with your own PI System and own data to create a final project that's meaningful for your work. However, if you do not have access to a working system, you could purchase an optional learning environment for this course for 3 weeks.


      Once again, welcome to the course!


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          Hi, I am Pablo
          I work as Applications Enginners for Capris Engineering in Costa Rica, I integrate systems and develop applications.
          The company is working with Osisoft for diferents projects, I am starting to learn the systems and how to integrate it with our solutions.

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            I work over in the control center for Alyeska Pipeline in Alaska. We monitor maintenance alarms and PI is severely underutilized at our company. We are heading the effort to put more structure and practices are the PI admin side and build out the asset framework which will enable us to do more analytics and make data driven decisions as a company.

            We dont have many people to understand the server or client side of PI, so here am I trying to help out.