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PI AF/Vision - Visualize Event Frames in Vision

Question asked by rvrecic on Jul 16, 2018
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I'm having an issue visualizing an automatically generated Event Frame in PI Vision.

I am generating the event frame using the standard method, and sending the link to the generated event frame in a PI AF email notification. When I click the link to view the event frame, I receive the following error:


Event Details Error: Failed to retrieve Event Frame details for eventid = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on server = xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Make sure that the event ID and server are valid.


The server is correct, but I am thinking maybe the event frame is setup with some missing configuration? I am also using templates. The event frame leverages an element which is templated, and is triggered off of a single attribute (also template) changing state. To configure the event frame, I also used an event frame template with minimal configuration (no base template, and no configured attribute templates).


I was able to find the event frame on the server (via System Explorer), and I did receive the email in my inbox. I am able to view another event frame with very similar configuration in PI Vision.


Has anyone else run into this issue? Maybe its a security issue that I can't view the event frame in PI Vision?