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    Processbook future?


      Hi there,

      I’m new to this site after recent installation of pi server to our system. I’m investigating the need to create custom code in VB to customise pivision dashboards and link data to external sources with custom alerts.


      Quick play with process books looks like it would enable me to do this but I am being told internally that process book is being phased out, is this correct?


      I am am being told to explore AF FSDK, what is the difference between the two methods?


      I like the gui and ease of using process books and linking to pi vision but not going to waste time if not going to be supported in the near future.


      thanks in advance

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          Hi Duane


          I would recommend to use PI AF analysis(Event frames) and Notification service in to trigger notifications/alerts.  PI vision provides extensibility (https://pisquare.osisoft.com/community/Learn-PI/customizing-pi-vision-with-extensibility) feature where you can extend existing functionality.

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            Hi Duane,


            Processbook is not being phased out.  There will be another release of PB that will give you ability to migrate PB displays to Vision 4.x.  That being said, there are always caveats with custom code.  VBA is not transferable simply because when you import PB displays to Vision, the application is converting the displays into SVGs.  The SVGs do not recognize the VBA custom code.


            Because your end goal is to bring custom code to Vision, I would echo Lal's Post and highly recommend using the PI Vision Extensibility Model.


            Finally, since you're looking for alerts, I'd definitely also look into PI AF Analysis and Notifications.  If you are getting data from external sources, I'd recommend looking for PI Interfaces that can pull the data that you need or use AF's Linked Table functions (if the data is relatively static).



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