Best method of triggering Event Frames in 2010 R3

Discussion created by mark.omeara on Mar 31, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by tbrown

I have reviewed the discussion forums and the AF SDK yet remain a little confused about the best way to automatically create event frames (e.g. to identify process events such as when emissions exceeded permited range and downtime events).


Of the methods to automatically create events, it appears the following can be done:

  1. Future: via System Explorer. This seems to have been promised for implementation at some undefined point in time, currently the feature is not apparent in AF 2.4 System Explorer.
  2. Via Analysis Rules? From the SDK it appears an AFAnalysis can generate an AFCase wich in turn can generate an AFEventFrame. Unfortunately the Heat Exchanger tutorial example that comes with the AF SDK does not use analysis frames but rather generates Event Frames directly and uses simulated start and end times
  3. Via a custom service which uses PISDK to obtain PIPoint values that have to be monitored and event frames created and closed off when appropriate. In essence going to the trouble of creating a custom scheduling & analysis service. I assume a PSA license would then have to be purchased?

Is there any I have left out? Which is the best method?


If Analysis Rules can be used, are there any fleshed out examples?