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Deployment failed for VLE

Question asked by NasiaGracias on Jul 17, 2018
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I am attempting to create a Virtiual Learning Environment (VLE) but the process seems to be stuck. I attempted to create a session of type "AF SDK Getting Started Guide" and it was in "Deploying" status for about 6 hours before it was failed. I am attempting it again today, but its been more than 1 hour and the status is stuck at "Deploying".


Also, when I try to create a new session, I get an error message saying that I must delete the existing session before I can create a new one. However, upon going to the "My Session" tab, I do not see any delete session option. The only thing I see is the "Deploying" status.


What can I do from my side to get it resolved? Anyone else facing similar issue?