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    My colleague can't see a value that comes from PI AF




      I was showing how to use ProcessBook to one my colleagues, but he cannot see values of tags that were searched by AF. Instead he sees "No Data".

      He can see the value of "Tag1" if "Tag1" comes from an ordinary "Tag Search", but he cannot see the value if it comes from a Tag Search using the AF.

      I know the path of is not the same, but the end result is the same (see picture below).

      Is it because he doesn't have the Security Rights to read PI AF Data ? I looked up his rights, and both "Read" and "Read Data" are checked for his user.

      What else does he need to be able to see the value of a tag that has been searched with the AF?


      Thank you very much in advance,




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          James Devine

          Hi Benjamin:


          You indicate your colleague has both "Read" and "Read Data" rights. However, I think it is possible he / she may not have been properly added to an AF Identity for that database or set of elements. If I am wrong dismiss my suggestion.


          Here is how to check. Open PI System Explorer. Open the target AF Database. Click [File]>[Server Properties...]. This launches the PI AF Server Properties dialog. Select the 'Mappings' tab. If your colleague is already a member of a Windows Active Directory group then that group should appear here. If not you need to add that group. You can also add individual users but this is generally not recommended. The "mappings" are typically named the same or similar to their Windows Active Directory group but that is up to the administrators.


          The linking of the "mapping" group to an AF Identity is what unlocks access to data. The identities can range in data access from everything to nothing.


          Close the PI AF Server Properties dialog when done.


          Next, if you want to grant read access to the 'identity' your colleague belongs to for the whole database then right click on the "Elements" node (top most part of the element tree) and click [Security...]. This launches the Security Configuration dialog for that database. Repeat these steps for a child element if you only want to grant access to a subset of child elements. In this dialog you can add, edit, remove identities and change their access rights. Finally on this dialog you want to carefully check if you want to extend the 'Child Permissions'.


          Here is an instructional video on AF Identities and Mappings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWqHvoLuXzs

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            Hello Ben!

            Complementing James, you can also make sure what is causing No Data by checking the error message on ProcessBook double clicking the round icon on the status bar, window's bottom left:

            In case it is missing permissions on AF attribute you'll have a message like the one above:

            Cannot read data for Attribute '...' in Element (...) because the current user does not have ReadData permission.

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                Thank you James and Gabriel for your quick answers.


                I checked the AF Identity Mapping. My colleague user has a Identity (PI Operator) that matches his group (PI Operator). The Identity has the "Read" and "Read Data" boxes checked.


                Unfortunately, my colleague is unavailable at the moment, I can't log onto his account to test and see where the "No Data" comes from as Gabriel mentionned. I will do this step once he is available and give you an update on what the error message is.


                Thank you again for your time!



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                    Sorry for not making an update before, I forgot about this thread -_-.


                    My problem is solved, I don't know really know what I did to solve it though. I have unchecked then checked again the "Read" and "Read Data" rights and it worked.


                    Actually, the boxes were not checked with a checkmark, but with a black square. I noticed there are 3 states of a right checkbox: 1. Unchecked 2. Checked and 3. Black Square. I'm not sure what the difference is between a checked box and one with a blacksquare in it.


                    Thank you again for your help,