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how to use AFCalculation.PercentTrue in Matlab

Question asked by Jiaqi on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Jiaqi

Dear all,

I'm retrieving information on a sampled data tag on PI. I'm using Matlab to perform the job.

I found the example in Error in AFCalculation.PercentTrue  -  gives always 100 percent true results  So I tried to write the following in Matlab:



import OSIsoft.AF.*

import OSIsoft.AF.Asset.*;

import OSIsoft.AF.Time.*;

import OSIsoft.AF.Data.*;

import OSIsoft.AF.PI.*;


piservers = OSIsoft.AF.PI.PIServers;

pisrv = piservers.DefaultPIServer;

timerg = AFTimeRange('01-07-2018 00:00:00','02-07-2018 00:00:00'); % dd-mm-yyyy

inter = AFTimeSpan(0,0,0,1.0);    % 1hr interval

inter2 = AFTimeSpan(0,0,0,0,1.0);   % 1min interval

percentGood = AFValues();

strFilter = strcat('''sinusoid''','>200');

results = AFCalculation.PercentTrue(pisrv, strFilter, timerg,...

    inter, inter2,AFTimestampCalculation.Auto, percentGood);



However, the code doesn't work.

I'm not sure about the following:

- syntax of filter expression, i.e., strFilter in the code. My actual tag on a real server indicates the status of an instrument, the value will be either 'On' or 'Off'. The tag name is Device1_On_Off. In Excel,  it is PITimeFilter("'Device1_On_Off'= ""On""",...).  I need to calculate to percentage of 'On' time. If I want to implement in Matlab, can I write like

strFilter = strcat('''Device1_On_Off''=','""On""');     ?

so I will get a filter expression like:


which resembles the expression in Excel.


- percentGood as the out parameter: is the last line correct in Matlab?


I also tried

methods(AFCalculation) in command line, however, I received the following error message:


Error using OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFCalculation

Abstract classes cannot be instantiated.  Class 'OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFCalculation' is

declared as Abstract.


does this mean I cannot use methods of AFCalculation in Matlab? I have no problem when checking e.g., methods(AFValues).


Thank you.