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How to get the next value in picomp2 using PI SQL family

Question asked by narburgh on Jul 19, 2018
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I'm using picomp2 to search for times when a batch tag equals a certain batch number to get an appropriate estimate of when the batch started and ended. I realized that the last value the picomp2 query returns is the last time that batch tag was updated to that batch number BUT not equivalent to the last time that tag was equal to the batch number. Is there some sort of SQL function to return the picomp2 values I'm searching for as well as the NEXT updated picomp2 value, so I can see the last timestamp that batch tag was active for a particular batch. I could probably do this with a picomp2 query and then search piinterp2 for the last value but I was hoping to get this done in one query to picomp2.



Sarah Narburgh