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    PI Processbook 3.5: Set Display time based on tag value (batch/campaign)




      The company I work at uses PI Processbook 3.5. For many troubleshooting scenarios, I would like to set the start and end time of a PI Display based on where a tag value is active (think of it like batches).


      An example:

      "Batch A869" has been off-spec, and I would like to see if the process trends have been OK during the time of the batch.

      From a drop-down menu, I choose "Batch A869", and all the displays change time to 01-01-2018 09:00 to 02-01-2018 10:00.


      Is this possible in any way? I assume VBA code is needed, and I only have Excel experience with VBA, not in PI Processbook. BatchView is not an option right now.


      Please help! Much appreciated.

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          Eugene Lee

          Hi Janus,


          Your use case is exactly addressed by our product called PI Vision. In it, event frames can be used in place of batch.

          PI Vision

          To apply the time range of an event to all symbols on the display, right-click the event and then click Apply Time Range.


          As you know, we are moving from Batch to Event Frames in the PI System. We even made a tool for that one time migration in PI Server 2017 R2.

          PI Server


          Therefore, my advice would be not to spend time coding up a custom solution in VBA which is not future proof and instead start exploring PI Vision which is the visualization platform that we recommend now.