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Setting up WARM1 OPC client failover

Question asked by JaredGoretzky on Jul 20, 2018
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We have a redundant OPC DA server and two OPC DA Interfaces setup.  Each OPC DA server and OPC DA Interface are on separate machines.  UniInt Warm1 fail over is setup for the OPC DA Interfaces (Int for short).  UFO tags are all setup as well as a proper shared folder for file synching.


The Primary OPC DA Int is configured to communicate to the Primary OPC DA server.

The Secondary OPC DA Int is configured to communicate to the Secondary OPC DA Server.


Now the Secondary OPC DA server has no tags until the Primary OPC DA Server fails over.  Hence why I've setup using Warm1 which establishes a connection but doesn't create any groups, etc.


My problem is when the OPC DA Primary Server fails the Primary OPC DA Int generates several 80004005 errors in regards to the tags have incorrect syntax.  The errors are due to the OPC DA Primary going off line but this does not initiate a fail over.


The Secondary OPC DA server becomes active, but the OPC DA Interfaces do not fail over so the Secondary can start collecting data.


Is Phase 2 Warm 1 the correct UniInt fail over to use with this OPC Server behavior?