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    Can a collective member function as a non-HA dev/test PI Data Archive server?




      I have a requirement to architect a solution that provides HA (current environment has only one PI Data Archive server) and a Dev/Test system for testing Microsoft Updates and PI version upgrades.

      So, on a high level I was thinking that a collective could be configured with two member servers providing the HA requirement and a third member server for the Dev/Test requirement.  Or, does it make more sense to have the Dev/Test server be a standalone receiving it's data from a PI to PI interface?





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          Hi James


          For HA configuration i would recommend primary server in one data center/fault domain and secondary on secondary data center /different fault domain. This will ensure high availability in case of any network or power failure. It is always a best practice to isolate Dev/Test from production servers. If dev/test is added to PI production collective then in case of any issues with PI version (upgrade/change) in test/dev server then collective will be out of sync with production servers HA.


          If HA is configured with Production and Dev/Test then Interfaces writing data to PI collective has to write to 3 different nodes using buffer subsystem and latency+interface server configuration to be considered. Secondly, If your primary server is subjected to high configuration changes then it will result high bandwidth usage. PI Client will connect to one server at any point in time.


          High availability collective : Information related to failures and high level considerations.




          Please let me know in case of any queries.



          Lal Babu