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    UFL Interface not reading data from CSV




      We are currently setting up a UFL Interface which would read the data from a CSV file.

      1. The format of the csv file goes as below (Cannot put the actual nomenclature here due to client sensitive data and non-disclosure policy):


      TAGTimestampElement1Element2Element3.......Element N


      15-Feb-2018 12:00:
      Unit214-Jan-2018 12:00:
      Unit313-Jan-2018 12:00:005.612.......4
      Unit M14-Jan-2018 12:00:0060.70.9.......9.2


      2. To store the data in PI, we are using the StoreInPI() function which is reading the tag format as -

      "ABC:"&<Unit name>&"_"&Element.

      ABC - prefix format applied to all tags.


      However, while executing the StoreInPI function, it is observed that the <Unit name> is not being picked up by the function and hence an error log of Undefined PI Point is generated. The Element name is being correctly picked up. We have tried removing the message filters applied / modifying them - however, no luck.


      Could you please advise on this issue and suggest what things should be checked for ?


      Please let me know if any further information is required in this regards.


      Thanks and Best regards,

      Rohit Shende

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          Hi Rohit,


          Are you storing the Unit Name in a variable called "<Unit name>" ? If you are able to share a sample of the source file + a snippet of your INI either on PISquare or via Tech Support, it should be relatively straight-forward to resolve.



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              Hi Gabriel,


              Thanks for your response.


              Actually this case has already been raised with Techsupport and I was awaiting the response from the engineer on this.


              It was an issue with the input csv file wherein the count of columns marked in CSV and that mentioned in the UFL INI configuration was getting mismatched due to additional "," getting inserted in CSV.


              Have updated my code to remove that and now the interface is seen working fine.


              I have another small requirement to be resolved with regards to message filters :


              1. As I have mentioned above, my PI Tags to which the UFL writes data, are of the format : "ABC:"&<Unit name>&"_"&Element.

              I have set a message filter as :

              C1=="*" - Meaning everything in Column C1

              EPC - Float32 - Create tag for all the units.


              2. I have a specific element (say - Element2 in the table above) for which I wish to create a String type tag, for every Unit in C1.


              Could you please suggest as to how the message filter may be written for this requirement ?


              Also, I understand the message filter in Point (2) needs to be sequenced before the one mentioned in Point (1).


              Could you please confirm this sequencing of message filters ? Else, if any better option, please suggest.




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              Hi Rohit,


              Check the Live Library link storeinpi function

              We want to check more in the INI file, if you are able to share it here, we will analyze and provide you the solution.