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Event frames transition recovery in an AF attribute

Question asked by JF.URBIETA on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by sraposo

Dear all,

Is there any way to recover in an AF attribute an event frame transition status?

My client would like to monitor some installations, so we have developped some event frames. But what he really need is an visual indicator as a toggle (boolean value True/False) which indicates that an event has raised (by example following a machine inhibition, all values from the machine need to be visually marked as "inhibited" with a blinking message).

To do this we need to catch the event frame status change in an AF attribute as we have to face some cascade situations and we need to be able to propagate this information to child elements, so if you got any relevant idea.....


As this seems very "basic" may be it's already implemented in AF (our version is 2017 SP2)