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PI Vision display not adding up

Question asked by pocholo.mendoza on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by pocholo.mendoza

Hi Everyone,


Raising an issue we're currently encountering in our PI System wherein the display of data from the AF and Web Server do not add up.

We currently have an analysis that does simple addition -- just adds the parameter steam flow


Note that these are tags from another PI Server which is connected via PI to PI. We've also included a trap if the data is bad, then it shows up as 0 for the formula


We used the formula data reference in AF. And everything is working fine. The sum is correct as seen in this picture:


However, when visualizing in PI Vision, the supposedly sum does not add up:


When I hover the attribute values in PI Vision, the timestamps do not match. Which I think is triggered by the refresh rate? Thinking that this might be a possible cause, but I cannot conclude.


Would you guys be able check on how to fix this?


Thank you!


Best Regards