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    Error after AF and OLEDB upgrade to 2010R3




      We have upgraded the AF and OLEDB to 2010 R3. In our setup, AF and SQL runs on different machine. Now when I open AF system explorer it gives following error message and not able to connect to AF server:


      Cannot connect to system 'SERVR1' because the schema version in the SQL Server is incompatible with the version of the AFServer.


      Any clue?

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          Hi Kumar,


          Without more information, I would suspect that the PIFD database in the SQL server is not updated when the AF Server is upgraded. Usually scripts to update the database is included in the installation. Can you try to manually run the scripts on your SQL server and see if it resolves the issue?


          PI AF Installation and Maintenance Guide

          You can choose to install the SQL Server scripts used to create or update the AF SQL Database (PIFD) without executing them. Do this during installation by deselecting the AF SQL Script Execution feature. When this feature is deselected, the SQL Server scripts are not executed as part of the installation process. Instead, the SQL Server scripts, along with the file, GO.bat, are placed in the folder: ..\PIPC\AF\SQL. This batch file contains the commands that execute the deployed SQL Server scripts manually. It is not necessary to run the installation on the SQL Server itself but the execution of the scripts must occur from an account with sysadmin privileges on the SQL Server Instance.


          Our techsupport team will be better equipped to assist you through this process and resolve the issue. So if you are still having problems, I would recommend that you contact them. 


          Hope this helps