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Pi Vision - How to remove relative displays

Question asked by Shano on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by wpribula

Hi All


I have just constructed around 80 trends of data, very basic just trends of data over time. Using a single attribute from multiple elements. These are all working fine.


However, i have constructed a home page that displays multiple elements and attributes using multi states to identify events. This will then trigger a viewer to investigate using the trends created above, that are linked (Navigation link) to the home page. The home page has been saved and works fine if you open it from the Pi Vision Directory. However if you are in the home page and navigate to a particular trend, then navigate back to the home page the display changes and shows the same data across all the elements (Sites). How can i turn the asset relativity off so it doesn't change the display from the original?


Please see below for reference:


Home page working correctly - Data in bars are all site specific:

Home page not working  - Data in bars are all for the same site:


Appreciate the help in advance