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    PI Migration - Tools for migration to PI2010 latest versions




      We have PI version 3.4.363.97 and would like to upgrade to latest PI2010 version. Please share your experience if any on this and DO's and DONT's.


      Some of my queries:


      1. Data to be migrated from above version to PI2010 - What tools available to upgrade/migrate the existing data to new version and the path for the same.


      2. Hope the ProcessBook graphics, Datalink applications work without any issue after migration - If not, tools for migrating to new version and path for the same.


      3. Hope the existing interfaces such as PI-RDBMS, PI UFL etc... will work with new version without any issues.


      4. Connectivity with Oracle's, SQL's with PI 2010.


      Thanks in advance, Jagadeesh

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          Ahmad Fattahi



          Your question is a really big one with many considerations. For example, in terms of the authentication the recommended method is shifting from explicit login and trusts to Mappings and Windows Integrated Security. Also, a major shift would be how PI AF is now taking over the role of PI Module Database; how to handle the migration or side-by-side operation of the two systems in sync is a serious consideration. I would strongly recommend you review the document titled "PI Server 2010 SP1 Installation and Upgrade Guide" from the Tech Support Download Center. It walks you through all these steps and tells you where you need to be cautious.


          On any of these special cases if you hit a specific technical matter you may want to consider contacting regular Tech Support for the fastest and most efficient resolution.