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    PI AF communications with PI Archive


      Hello, I am new to PI.

      Background: The PI AF server and PI archive server both restarted last weekend due to windows updates being pushed to them, so although both servers were running, the PI AF server was not getting tag values for the Events and as a result the PI Notifications were not emailed for a few days. I checked the PI Message logs and it appeared all was working fine.

      The resolution was to restart the PI AF server. We are also looking into creating a policy to change when windows updates occur on the servers, so they both do not go down at the same time.


      Is there a way to identify that the PI AF server and PI Archive server are communication correctly?



      PI AF Server 2017 R2

      PI Data Archive 2017 R2 3.4.415.1188

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          I've experience this issue as well, and I'd like to say I have tested a solution, but to date it is only an idea.

          So... this is what I PLAN to do....


          Create an analysis to look at a 'busy' tag such as sinusoid - something you know should be updating and set a flag if it is stale (not updating).

          Then, create a notification on that flag to have someone check PI or restart AF.

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              Thanks Tim,

              Your idea sounds like it would work. I will consider it. I thought maybe there was something in PI System explorer or PI System Management tools that I was not finding.



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                  Hello Robert,


                  I concur with Lal Babu Shaik about using Performance Counters for the purpose. If I understand the issue you were experiencing correctly, PI Notifications service did not generate any emails for several days. I assume that the service was experiencing issues to properly connect or sign-up for updates. So the service in trouble was PI Notifications and hence I suggest monitoring Performance Counters exposed by the PI Notifications Service. PI Interface for Performance Monitor is included with the PI Server which means, if you own a PI Server license, you also own a license for the PI Perfmon Interface. For sure it doesn't make much sense to use PI Notifications to monitor those Performance Counters but you could create a PI Vision or PI ProcessBook display.


                  Another option is to approach the problem from a totally different angle. PI Notifications is normally used to alert about process anomalies. If you don't see any notification for days you assume everything is operating within the limits. You could set up a notification which notifies you about Notifications operating as expected. You could trigger the 'normal operation' notification by change of day or hour e.g. if the hour differs from previous evaluation and matches a specific time of the day.

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                Hi Robert


                I would recommend setting up windows counters for PI Data Archive and PI AF server. If you are using AF analysis on a separate server then i would recommend to configure windows counters and analysis counters to better understand the delay and issues related to communication.


                Thank you,

                Lal Babu Shaik

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                  Dan Fishman

                  TopView Alarm and Notification software can be used to monitor performance counters.  TopView PerfMon has a free version that allows monitoring of up to 5 points and this free version is commonly used to monitor PI services.  Popular among the users is the ability to make phone calls (to get you out of bed!) as well as text/emails.

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                    There are a number of reconnection issues in the 2.9.5 release of the AF server. Not sure that a performance monitor view would expose if you are running into those bugs or not other than to possibly say "program x is not updating". The restart of the AF server is a strange resolution to kick these things back into form, but I would suggest 2 things:


                    1. Upgrade to the 2.10.1 release of AF/AFSDK

                    2. If the issue happens again, please open a tech support ticket to investigate further.



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                        Thanks everyone for your input. I did learn a few things about performance counters.


                        The decision was made to upgrade to AF server 2018 which corrects the communication bug issue when PI analysis service cannot connect to PI data archive server because of network outage or like in our case Windows Updates restarted the PI archive server. We are currently testing on our AF test server.


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                            Hi Robert,


                            Yes, we do face the similar network issues with PI AF and PI Analysis. As per Osisoft, there is a deadlock in the PI AF Client 2018 and PI Analysis 2017 R2. So As per their recommendation, we need to upgrade the below components in order to overcome the network issues,

                            - PI Af Client 2018 SP1

                            - PI Analysis 2018




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