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PI AF communications with PI Archive

Question asked by glassro0 on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by VasanthakumarR

Hello, I am new to PI.

Background: The PI AF server and PI archive server both restarted last weekend due to windows updates being pushed to them, so although both servers were running, the PI AF server was not getting tag values for the Events and as a result the PI Notifications were not emailed for a few days. I checked the PI Message logs and it appeared all was working fine.

The resolution was to restart the PI AF server. We are also looking into creating a policy to change when windows updates occur on the servers, so they both do not go down at the same time.


Is there a way to identify that the PI AF server and PI Archive server are communication correctly?



PI AF Server 2017 R2

PI Data Archive 2017 R2 3.4.415.1188