Powershell to manipulate AF elements - bug??

Discussion created by espo89 on Apr 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by mhamel

Been playing a little more with the powershell extensions and now I want to be able to create some AF elements based on templates within an AF Database through a script.   In trying to working through script and trying out things,  I noticed something.   A simple peice of the script:

$AFsystem = Get-AFServer -Name $AFSystemName
$AFdatabase = Get-AFDatabase -Name $AFDataBaseName -AFServer $AFsystem

#Get Main Elements in Database
Get-AFElement -AFDatabase $AFdatabase

#Get all Element Templates in Database
Get-AFElementTemplate -AFDatabase $AFdatabase

The second "Get-AFElementTemplete" actually does use the AF Database passed  gives me the template list, but the "Get-AFelement" call actually doesn't reference the AF Database I pass it, it returns the elements from the DEFAULT AF database on the given system!!!     I'm I doing something wrong here or have I found a bug in the Powershell extensions?