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How to do the interfacing between PI Server-2018 & ABB PGP Server (SemAPI Protocol with SCSI)

Question asked by ashiq on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by ashiq

Background: We had PI Server installed on Windows Server 2003 which performed very well for 11 years but suddenly due to a hardware issue we lost the system

I have prepared PI server 2018 (data archive) which now required to interface with ABB PGP Server, can anyone please guide me how to interface.

I have available PI Tag Export Utility for AX-S4 61850 (AXS4TagExport) Install Kit, PI Interface for OPC DA Demo Kit (APS Connector) & PI Interface for OPC DA Demo Kit (Read-Only)

I would be glad if step by step procedure would be shared as I am a learner and this is my first hands-on experience with PI System.


Thanks& regards

Ashique Ali