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"No Data" on future PI Point disappears after writing the next "No Data" event

Question asked by Hans_Drost on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by Roger Palmen
Branched from an earlier discussion

It has been some time ago since I implemented this.
Now I see a weird reaction to the "No-Data" writing into a future data tag. The following is the situation in which I write "No-Data":

For a customer we write a perfect batch trend into the future.

To make sure we see exactly when a batch should start/stops, we write a "No-Data" at the end of each perfect batch planning.

In other words, when a batch starts, we write an x amount of data into the future ending with a "no-data" value.


Now, the No-Data stay's fine, until the next batch starts and a new perfect batch planning is written into the future.

When this happens, we get an interpolated value instead of a broken up line in a trend.

Also, the No-Data has disappeared in the archive!


Anyone know how this is possible? Is a no-data in the future replaced with the next data written to it after the no-data timestamp?