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    VSS Third Party Backup Issue


      Hi All,


      We have noticed number of third-party VSS backups that were occurring on the PI Data Archive machine, but was not sure of the source of these backups. The source of these backups as well as the schedule of these backups were unknown,  Because of this 3rd party backup, we are facing multiple connectivity issues in PI Server. From the logs we could see that whenever the backup is started multiple disconnection messages( “pause” the processes in order to take a backup), it is likely that we are running in to issues with the connection between the PI Data Archive and client applications like PI Vision, PI Analysis service.


      How we can able to find and track this particular VSS 3rd party backup process.


      Logs captured in Message logs,






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          No matter what is the source of this trigger, PI system only says the PI backup task was initiated. You might want to see the windows event logs around these to see what process triggers the backup task / a windows program that runs just before the backup operation recorded in the PI message logs.

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              Hi Krishna,


              Thanks for your reply.  Actually, we want to turn off that particular 3rd party backup since we have noticed multiple connectivities issues (Whenever the backup task is triggered, all the existing connections are disconnected. Once the Backup is completed, it will restore the connections). As per OSIsoft recommendation in below KB, 3rd Party VSS backup is not recommended and supported. So that's the only reason we want to identify the source of the trigger and disable it.


              As per your advice, I have checked the Event Viewer logs but could not get the exact Audit logs regarding connectivity and Logon whenever the backup task is happening.

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                +1 to this. I would imagine some announcement of the VSS backup to be written to the System logs of the server. Some messages might also be found in the application logs, but the PI message logs won't give details about the who or how this backup was initiated.

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