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    PIwebAPI Batch Request reuse tow Attributes in Request Template


      Hello together,

      I am trying to build up a batch request to retrieve EventFrame data:




            "Method": "GET",

            "Resource": "https://server.com/piwebapi/elements/webid/eventframes?starttime=*-7d&endtime=*-&selectedFields=Items.WebId;Items.StartTime;Items.EndTime;Items.Links.Value"

















      When I run this request I get the following error message:

      More than one JSON path selected multiple tokens: $.EventFrames.Content.Items[*].StartTime, $.EventFrames.Content.Items[*].EndTime


      When I replace the wildcard character * in the parameter section with a number it works perfectly. Is there a possibility to use two attributes of the items in the request template? I tried several modifications, but couldn't figure it out how to do it.