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A better regression line visualization?

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Apr 10, 2012
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For a ProcessBook project we recently did, we had to provide a way to see the regression line for some trends / traces. We looked at the built in functionality in the trend definition window, and also at the regression line addin (devnet legacy).


The addin gives more options, and is also visualized as a new trace in the trend (meaning it has its own color, linestyle, etc). The built in regression line is always the same color as the trace, and is always a dashed line - sometimes making it difficult to separate from the tag you're adding it to.




Our client were more satisfied with the addin, but since we're now using ERD we can't use it since it uses a custom dataset - and this doesn't support ERD. I've tried to modify the custom dataset defined by the addin using VBA code, but it doesn't seem like I can edit the tag defined. If I could, I'd change the tag in my ContextHandlerChanged method.




Any ideas on what we could try here?


It would suffice if I could edit the color and linestyle of the regression line functionality built in to ProcessBook, but to me it doesn't seem possible.