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      Good Afternoon Community,


      We currently have a Finesse implementation of DeltaV, Currently the plan is to connect the Delta V system to the Pi DA via the OPC Interface for Pi DA.

      However, it looks like with have version 12.3 of the DeltaV system installed, is the Pi OPC interface the best solution or would it be better to use the Pi-Pi connector?





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          Hi Marc,

          I have no experience with Finesse DeltaV, and I am assuming that Pi-Pi connector is the same thing as our PI to PI interface.... so ignore me if this is way off


          The PI to PI interface uses a PI Data Archive as the data source, so if your DeltaV system has an ACH, Enterprise Historian, or Data Archive already you could use the PI to PI interface to get the data from the DCS to the target Data Archive (assuming the points are already configured). This is also useful if the DeltaV system with a Data Archive is on a secure DCS network, and you want to use PI to PI to get that data to a different Data Archive on a business or plant network. You could install PI to PI on a layer of your network that has access to both systems.


          The PI OPC DA interface is also a great option. I guess the question would be if you already have a PI System running that may even already be using an OPC interface would you be querying the data source twice. If there is no Data Archive already running on your DeltaV system then the PI OPC DA interface is the way to go.


          Is there already a PI Data Archive running with the Finesse implementation?




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            Dan Fishman

            Is this a DeltaV Batch Historian or are you pulling from the embedded PI Historian?  I'm wondering if this is the Batch Historian since Finesse has a focus on the life science industry.  If so, you will want to look at the EMDVB Batch Interface.