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    can digital tag read string as input value from offshore?


      Hi All,


      I have a digital tag, which needs to read a string input from PHD. Can this be done? Please suggest.




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          Hi Punithalaxmi,


          As long as the string value received exactly matches a valid digital state in the digital state set that the tag is configured for, then yes, the value can be properly coerced and archived.  Keep in mind that if the string does not exactly match a digital state for the tag, then the write will fail and a message will be logged indicating that failure.


          Since it sounds like you are obtaining this data from an offshore device, I would also recommend configuring buffering (if it is not already) for whatever application is sending the string values.  The reason for this is that PI Buffer Subsystem will see that the tag is digital, and attempt to coerce the string value to a digital value prior to sending the value over the network to the PI Server.  This is advantageous to send the digital state offset codes over the network rather than send the full strings, which could cause further strain on low bandwidth networks.


          Hope this helps,



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