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Microsoft Excel OLE In Use Error, but only with Range Data, Manual Array Definition and Macro Extensions work fine without errors??

Question asked by EEgangstafarmer on Jul 31, 2018

So I am working with about 47 tags, using Calculated Data function to find max values and return their dates. If I allow Calculated Data sidebar thing to place data items in for my tags when I click OK on my data every single tag gives me the fun Microsoft Waiting on OLE to complete error. HOWEVER, if I instead use the sidebar to create the query I want, and then go into to Excel formula bar to make relative references to the tag cell, hit CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER to manually generate an array output, then use the normal macro dragging (the plus on lower right side of cell) then I can extend the formula across all the tags, and never see the error.


The kicker is once I have manually made the array, the Side bar now shows my data as a range over the affected cells and hitting apply works fine, without throwing the OLE error any longer. Anyone seeing similar behavior?