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can I retrieve an attribute category value within an analysis expression?

Question asked by kxb4 on Jul 31, 2018
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In building some template event frame analyses, I have a large list of start trigger expressions. Users would like to use categories set on specific element attributes to exclude some trigger expressions from evaluating to true for the template level analysis. Any ideas? I tried using a collection filter within a start trigger but PSE 2016 R2 didn't like the syntax:


i.e. Start Trigger Expression


'.\Elements[.]|Attribute[@Category = MyInclude Category]' = "ALARM"


where Attribute is an Attribute template from the current element template. And 'MyInclude Category' represents attributes with a category that I want to evaluate vs. if the category is not set for the attribute, I'm attempting to force the analysis to avoid triggering the event frame.


Evaluation returns cannot resolve string in single quotes...


Any ideas?




Ken Barsky

Bridge Energy Group