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    Pi point value=configure




      A PitoPi interface was created few months before. for those tags (Point source=PitoPI), the value displaying 'Configure'. Please advise.



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          James Devine

          Hi Rashmi:


          The pi point attributes are different for the pi tags on the receiving side of the pi to pi tags. For example the pi tag on the sending side will have an 'instrumenttag' attribute value corresponding to the control system instrument tag. However on the receiving side of the pi to pi tag that instrument tag attribute will have a value of the sending side pi tag. Some organizations add a prefix to identify the tag as a receiving tag of a sending tag. The 'Configure' value is typically a need to configure the pi point attributes in reference to pi to pi tags. Check 'InstrumentTag', 'PointSource', and 'Location4'. If you created the tags on the receiving side of the pi to pi server using the sending side attributes these three in particular can really mess things up. These three in particular, among all the others, need to be configured correctly for the pi to pi interface to correctly scan and send the pi data. By the way, I learned this hard way so good luck.

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            Hi Rashmi


            The tag configuration has been rejected as invalid by the data source. Check the interface message logs for additional information.The interface uses four receiving point attributes as possible links to the source point: InstrumentTag, ExDesc, UserInt1, and Tag



            Lal Babu

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