Natural versus Clock Scheduling

Discussion created by msaganski on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by mhamel

I have 3 seperate ACE calculations for 3 output PI tags: Tag A, B, and C.


These tags should have 1 value every hour, on the hour.


Tag C has Tag A and B as inputs for its calculation.


If I set them all to be clock scheduled on the hour, every hour, is it possible that Tag C will be calculated before Tag A and B are? This would result in using older (the previous hours) data for Tag A and B which is not what I want. I'd like Tag C to be calculated with the new Tag A and B data for that hour.


Will clock scheduling manage this for me, should I set a 1 second offset for Tag C, or am I better off making Tag C a naturally scheduled calculation (triggered off of Tag A and B)? Would Tag C still only output 1 value on the hour every hour?


Or am I better off combining the tags into one ACE calculation to ensure that the order of the calculations is controlled?