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Summing total attribute values by each day in a month

Question asked by JackChimSe on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by JackChimSe

Hello guys,

I am new to PI environment and trying to get data from PI AF server. My expected result is a list of 30 values, each is total of an attribute's values in a day.

Below is my code:

AFAttribute attr = AFObject.FindObject(path) as AFAttribute;
var sumary = attr.Data.Summaries(rangeAMonth, new AFTimeSpan(days:1), AFSummaryTypes.Total, AFCalculationBasis.TimeWeighted, AFTimestampCalculation.Auto);


The total result was wrong.

And I did tried to get average*count (using AFSummaryTypes.Average and AFSummaryTypes.Count). But count is seconds of a day(86400), not number of values in a day.

Can anyone figure out the solution for my expected result?