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Better efficiencies with loading AFAnalysis class properties

Question asked by natdavidson on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by rdavin

I'm making a c# app that will allow users to export a list of Analyses according to their statues, mostly because the PSE app doesn't have a very user friendly way to look at the Analysis in the management tab (no way to sort or export the list to do other manipulations).

The biggest issue i'm having is after a get a collection of analyses with a particular status, and iterate through each Analysis, I get about five of the attributes for the analysis and write it out to a file, then loop back and get the next analysis. This seems to be taking a little bit more time that it should, and it seems the biggest time use is getting the different attributes for the analysis. Is there a better, more efficient way to get these attributes, some type of bulk or async call?