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PIVISION-Processbook Display Import Error.

Question asked by mmanu on Aug 4, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by emiller

Hello Everyone,


- I have got a running PIVISION with around 1200 displays( out of them 700 are processbook imported displays).

-I have got standalone SQL 2014 on same machine as PIVISION.

Everything was running well till now , but recently I am experiencing trouble with Processbook file Import to PIVISION.


The problem is If I am adding more PB file in configured location, it refuse to bring it to PI VISION Home page.

I see below error in PIVISION admin>Import folder management page as:"An error occured while updating the entries. see the inner exceptions for details"


If I drill down further to Event Viewer > OSISOFT-PIVisualization as:


I tried searching various forums in pisquare but couldn’t find a clue to solve this.

- This looks like Vision is not adding the PB file to the SQL database, but I don’t understand why.

- Whereas, other existing displays seems to be responding to the changes made. So, there is no issue of authentication to database.

- the same admin account has used for application pool Identity and SQL connections.


If you could deliver your thought to understand the cause, would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks and Regards