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    PIVISION-Processbook Display Import Error.


      Hello Everyone,


      - I have got a running PIVISION with around 1200 displays( out of them 700 are processbook imported displays).

      -I have got standalone SQL 2014 on same machine as PIVISION.

      Everything was running well till now , but recently I am experiencing trouble with Processbook file Import to PIVISION.


      The problem is If I am adding more PB file in configured location, it refuse to bring it to PI VISION Home page.

      I see below error in PIVISION admin>Import folder management page as:"An error occured while updating the entries. see the inner exceptions for details"


      If I drill down further to Event Viewer > OSISOFT-PIVisualization as:


      I tried searching various forums in pisquare but couldn’t find a clue to solve this.

      - This looks like Vision is not adding the PB file to the SQL database, but I don’t understand why.

      - Whereas, other existing displays seems to be responding to the changes made. So, there is no issue of authentication to database.

      - the same admin account has used for application pool Identity and SQL connections.


      If you could deliver your thought to understand the cause, would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards


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          Hi Manjeet


          Could you please change the file name without "\" or something like "TEST01" for testing purpose? Also request you to check properties of the file and Security "Unblock" if any. Finally check permission of PB folder and account you are trying to access.



          Lal Babu Shaik

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            Hello Manjeet,


            I have some questions:

            What is your PI Vision version?
            Did you recently upgraded?

            Can you save PI Vision displays?


            As Lal mentioned, checking if another folder can be saved is a good troubleshooting step.


            It might be related to the execution of the following in the MS SQL "DbUpdateException".

            If that is the case, maybe restarting the MS SQL Server Database or Saving its configuration in PI Vision again might help.


            Please let us know how it goes.


            Best regards,

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                HI Lal Babu and Eduardo,


                Thank you for the reply. it really helped me see the issue from different angle.


                @Lal Babu,

                Yes I am able to add and save a display named TEST01 , also the folder. Thus, folder doesn't have any security issue. Also, I don't think naming is an issue.


                @ Eduardo,

                - Its PIVISION 2017 R2 Version

                - Not upgraded recently. It has been for a while.

                - saving configuration to PIVISION DB and SQL restart helped and display was visible on pivision.

                The problem is, it should have updated automatically like earlier.

                Just thinking what changes needs to be made. I am convinced that it is a "DbUpdateException" issue





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                    I'm glad we could help!


                    Saving the database refreshes the database scripts, and restarting the SQL server clears execution errors.

                    If you find in the Web Server Event Logs the "DbUpdateException" Error it might lead to MS SQL execution errors in the SQL database, so it would be necessary to investigate the SQL logs.