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Notification calling an external web service through a proxy server. How to authenticate?

Discussion created by Guilherme Ferreira Champion on Apr 12, 2012
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Hello all!




I am trying to create a webservice delivery endpoint but keep getting a "unable to load web services name " error since I want to access an external web server and therefore need to go through the proxy server. So I need a way to specify proxy authentication. I tryed techsupport, but they couldn't help me so far.


I was wondering how I can configure a username and password for my proxy server so the delivery channel can call the web service I need.


I think I read something about enabling proxy authentication on PIAnalyticsProcessor.exe.config  but I couldn't find it here. Neither could I find any documentation for this configuration file.


Has anybody had an experience with something like that.


I am finding hard to believe that PI Notifications is only able to call local webservices.




Thanks and regards