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    Query PI Notification for a Subscriber


      Anyone know how to find out all the notications a particular contact/group is subscribed to?

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          James Devine

          Hi Thomas:


          I know a step by step way.


          Using PI Builder one can filter subscribers for each AF Database. Because one can do this manually there is probably a programmatic way too, but I have not tried that yet.


          If you want to try the PI Builder way you need to go through each AF database one by one to do this so I am aware of the tedious nature of this approach. Open PI Builder tab in Excel and setup your 'Asset Server' and 'Database' for your query. In the [Retrieve] section of toolbar click [Elements] and you can decide from there how many or how few elements you want to search. In my case I chose [Find Elements...] and in the subsequent dialog I left everything blank to search every element in the AF database and clicked [Search]. I selected everything in the Results list and clicked [OK]. This launches the {Select Object Types and Column Headers} dialog. Here in addition to the Required Columns I chose the following fields and left everything else blank: Description (under 'Element'), and SubscriberConfigString (under 'NofificationRule') and then clicked [OK]. This spits out every subscriber for every notification in an AF Database.


          Now using the [Filter] tool in the {Data} tab of the Excel toolbar I can filter for a specific group or individual subscriber.


          I admit it is repetitious, but with some patience you can get a list of every notification an individual or group is subscribed to.