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Missing data for PI points after using APS and archive copy

Question asked by on Aug 6, 2018
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Hey, I am missing historical data for PI points on a replicated server.


What I did, probably wrong:

  • There is a PI server A with years of history,
  • A new PI server B in an untrusted domain.
  • I setup a PI To PI connection from A to B on B with 48h history retrieval. Following configuration
  • Then I added PI APS to synchronize the points every 8 hours
  • I got all points in the new database and data is coming in.
  • I then copied over 2 months of history archives from server A to server B and registered the archives.


Archives looks good in SMT Archives but when I try time series data in AF I get only data from the last 48h.


I am not sure but I assume that PI is using the point id to access data in the archives and that there could be a mismatch between server A and server B after APS is done, could this be the issue?

How do I configure this correctly?