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    Missing data for PI points after using APS and archive copy


      Hey, I am missing historical data for PI points on a replicated server.


      What I did, probably wrong:

      • There is a PI server A with years of history,
      • A new PI server B in an untrusted domain.
      • I setup a PI To PI connection from A to B on B with 48h history retrieval. Following configuration
      • Then I added PI APS to synchronize the points every 8 hours
      • I got all points in the new database and data is coming in.
      • I then copied over 2 months of history archives from server A to server B and registered the archives.


      Archives looks good in SMT Archives but when I try time series data in AF I get only data from the last 48h.


      I am not sure but I assume that PI is using the point id to access data in the archives and that there could be a mismatch between server A and server B after APS is done, could this be the issue?

      How do I configure this correctly?

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          You are correct in your suspicion.  You cannot simply move archive files between PI Data Archive servers (A and B) except for 2 conditions:

          1. The two PI Data Archive servers (A and B) are both members of the same (in sync) PI Data Archive HA Collective

          2. You moved and registered the archives from A to B immediately after restoring B from a backup of A (this is done most often when performing a move of a PI DA server)


          When PI APS creates the points on the new server, it will create the points, but this does not guarantee these points all share identical pointid/recno configuration.  You can likely get at least 48 hours of history because this was backfilled by PItoPI.  In order to get all history, a different approach will be needed.


          You can remove all historical archives from the B server (that were copied from A) and use PI SMT to create new, blank archives for backfilling.  Then, the simplest solution would just be to further utilize PItoPI to backfill the history necessary.


          This said, what is the purpose of the new PI Data Archive "B"?  Is this meant to be a test environment? or something else?


          - Adam

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