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    Virtual Environment Problem


      Cant access the virtual Environment. I have clicked the launch button which took me to a new page where it showed the current virtual machines but I cant click on them nor did it send me an email after 15 minutes like it said it would. I have already watched several of the videos but need the virtual Environment so I can complete the exercises . Tried sending a question to tech support but it said the tech support system was not accepting queries at this time.

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          finally got access to the 3 computers but still having issues. Cant connect to any of the 3 computers. Keep getting a pop up display shown below. Need help. Thanks.

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              Hey Blaine,


              Looking at the email you sent me, I think the VM's might still be in a "Deploying" state and so we just need to wait for them to be deployed before we log in.  Another common issues is typos in the hostname or IP you're trying to connect to.  We want to make sure we include the portname (normally somewhere between 60000-60022) so it would look like <IP address>:<port> e.g.  I'll contact you in an email with more specific information relating to your environment.



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                  because the ports that are used are not the regular ports used by RDP, they can be blocked by your firewall. This was the case at our company

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                      Yep, more information can be found here: (taken from the Learning FAQ)


                      What are the system requirements?

                      The Training Cloud Environments are composed of virtual machines hosted on Microsoft Azure that you can access remotely. In order to access these virtual machines you will need the following:

                      • A network connection with 1 Mbps of bandwidth available per user
                      • A Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client
                      • The virtual machines IPs are assigned by Microsoft Azure from a very large range of IPs. You can download the range of Microsoft Azure IPs, the cloud environments use the range found in the region uswest found in the XML file that you can download here
                      • Access the domain cloudapp.net where the machines are hosted. A typical connection string has the form cloudservicename.cloudapp.net:xxxxx, where the cloud service name is specific to a group of virtual machines and xxxxx is a port in the range 60000-60050. Therefore users connecting to Azure virtual machines must be allowed to connect to the domain *.cloudapp.net throughout the port range 60000-60050. If you cannot connect, check your company firewall policies and ensure that you can connect to this domain on the required ports

                      You can test your connection by downloading one of the following zip files and following the instructions in the readme file contained in them.

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                  In my experience, provisioning takes closer to an hour - not 15 minutes.